Bringing colour to Life!

We at Fluid Fox believe that there should be more colour in everyone's lives. We are surrounded by colour. We can see it, taste it and even smell it... well we think you can.


What you think looks green, yellow or red is actually so much more. The techniques we use to dye our garments brings out an array of colours. Just using a few dyes brings out a kaleidoscope of colours shapes and effects.


Each one a piece of art and unique every time.


in the den

Here in the Den is where we are at our creative best. We love experimenting

with dying techniques. Playing with the myriad of colour at our paws, is how we achieve our unique and colourful patterns.

As curious creatures, we foxes love exploring. Throwing ideas about, coming up with new exciting designs and methods to share with our friends.

A blank garment or fabric is our canvas, where we lose ourselves in visions of unbridled, uninhibited mind-scapes of colours and contours.

The Den is also our retreat where, we can gather our thoughts. Read a good book, or maybe play the guitar. As well as submerging ourselves in colour, these two Fluid Foxes love nothing more than cranking up the Hi-Fi and putting one of our many records on the turntable, dissolving in pure analogue heaven.


About the Foxes

A fresh young business looking at life in a colourful way. We are constantly looking at ways to bring colour to everyone in different forms, hence the Fluid in our name! Between us we have years of experience in creativity, graphic design and thinking outside of the norm.

What we can offer you is a bit of our thoughts and positive vibes embedded in what we create. 

We try to experiment with our ideas and listen to yours.

One day we hope to sell on the site. But in the meantime......

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If your interested in what we do, or want to chat about something you want creating, making or help with, please get in touch.  We don't bite!

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